The Fox's Den (coming soon)

Welcome to the Fox's Den


The Fox's Den will be an online store where products and other projects can be viewed at your leisure.

Join The Club!


Willa's totem animal is the red fox. Purchase a beautiful inlaid enamel Fox Pin to become a member of Willa's Fan Club.

The Book of Paradox


One of the "spin-off" books will be The Book of Paradox by Sassafras the Sage, a mysterious character mentioned in many of the chapter headings in CRYPTIC.

Peer Into The Future


Willa lives in Ireland 700 years in Earth's future, when sea levels have risen and aliens and elementals live among humans. What does her world look like? The first map will provide a detailed layout of Future Ireland, with other maps to come.

Character Profiles


The "Shards" books are populated by all manner of human, hybrid, alien & elemental characters, many of which will be represented with artwork especially created for this site!

The Notebook


My blog, on the next page, is where you can follow my  process in creating the "Shards" books, Peculiar Pearl's adventures and other projects, or just my thoughts 

about writing.