Boggled Escape Rooms

What's an escape room? It's a room designed with a specific story and theme where friends must find clues and solve puzzles to escape from the room in an hour or less.

They're not only great fun, but awesome for team building, learning problem solving and enhancing communication skills!

Our Escape Rooms

The Nautilus: A thrilling adventure on the high seas with the mysterious Captain Nemo!

Oliver Oxblood: A Victorian murder mystery with a twist!

The Agency: As an agent of Scotland Yard, you must find and disarm a terrorist bomb!

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Our Crowdfunding Campaign

tWe're launching our Indiegogo campaign on November 10th! 

It won't be any ordinary campaign. When you donate, you get to play an escape game as well! By solving puzzles, you'll help us escape from the diabolical maze of Professor Penelope Paradox!

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When you donate and play our crowdfunding escape game, you'll also be joining our Boggled contest. The first person to submit all six correct answers to the puzzles will win the contest and receive amazing bonus perks!