The Notebook

NEWS IN 2018!


Our Boggled escape room crowdfunding campaign is live! Please visit to check it out, enter our contest and play an awesome escape game right on the site!

Once we raise the funds, we will open with three rooms: "The Nautilus: a thrilling high-seas adventure with the infamous Captain Nemo, "The Curious Case of Oliver Oxblood: A Victorian Murder Mystery" and "The Agency," where you, as an agent, must track down and disarm a terrorist bomb!

We're very excited to build these three escape room experiences and we promise enthusiasts that they will be challenging! Please visit our Indiegogo page today and stay tuned for more updates in 2019!


Our production company, Zia Films ( has completed development on the new script for our newest movie, now called "Alienated." It tells the story of a grounded scientist whose life is turned upside down after an encounter with a UFO and a mysterious female artist who inspires him to think outside the box in order to realize his dream of traveling to the stars.

Stay tuned to this page for updates as we move forward!

More To Come

All these projects keep me very busy and I don't have as much time as I'd like to post updates here in The Notebook. But I'll do my best to stay relatively current with progress reports on all our doings.

As always, I wish everyone all the best on their own passion projects!